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Services & Fees

Divorce Mediation Services & FEES

  • A full mediated divorce that addresses the four major areas of any divorce, including: identifying the assets; identifying the liabilities; spousal support(alimony) and child support, when and if applicable; and, if children are involved, the creation of a parenting plan( child custody). We provide a safe environment in which couples resolve these issues in a step-by-step process that leads to a full and legal divorce.
  • Assets and Debts – We assist in determining how to evaluate and distribute property, manage debt, or restructure jointly held assets and liabilities. Every plan has its unique qualities. Emotional attachments, economic fears, sense of entitlement, and other motivations may make certain arrangements more difficult to accept. In mediation, acknowledging underlying interests and needs help with formulating creative solutions.
  • Single issue mediation – We provide a safe environment in which couples can resolve a single issue such as, but not limited to, parenting issues, income and expense issues, move away issues, and custodial/parenting time with each parent as is appropriate to meet each child’s best interests.
  • Parenting Agreements (Child Custody) – Mediation can be used to create or modify an existing parenting plan or court order. As children grow, the lives of divorced individuals change, economics shift, or other factors begin to test how children are cared for. When parents are struggling with their children’s needs, mediation helps. Mediators informed on child development issues, psychological impacts of divorce on children and adults, parenting skills, and knowledge of likely legal outcomes, can be the catalyst for a practical solution to parent/child agreements, including some very difficult issues, like move away (where one parent needs or wants to move out of town); blending families; new siblings, etc.
  • Support Issues (Child and/or Spousal) – The dollar can only stretch so far. Few couples are able to enjoy the same standard of living once they separate. Mediation provides an opportunity to explore the needs of everyone involved and figure out how limited resources can best be used to meet these needs.
  • Preparation of Legal Documents – We offer full document preparation including: Marital Settlement Agreements; required court document preparation and filings for Dissolution of Marriage; Final Judgments; Stipulations of agreements; etc.
  • Family Business Disputes – Our mediation services extend to any and all family related matters, including issues related to the family business, transactions and agreements regarding multigenerational issues; division and delegation of assets and responsibilities; and, sale and/or transfer of a family business.
  • Legal Separation Agreements
  • Temporary Separation Agreements
  • Modification of court orders
  • Marital Agreements (Premarital and Post Marital)
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Domestic Partnership AgreementsFEES
    Services are based on an hourly fee. Generally speaking, higher rates of conflict and complexity of each case cause the costs to increase. Court document preparation is based on a flat fee. Our average fees for mediation of a divorce are far below the cost of a litigated divorce or a collaborative divorce

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